Car Of Our Future?

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Where can you find the world’s smallest car you ask? In the heart of New York City; Times Square to be exact. On May 7th Ripley’s Believe it or Not revealed the Peel Trident, two-seat, battery powered, mini car that can run up to 40 miles per hour.

Driving the Trident down 42nd.

Driving the Trident down 42nd.

The car, manufactured by London’s Peel Engineering Company, is the sportscar design and was specifically designed for Ripley’s. The Peel Company, however, has been designing these cars since the 1960’s. Today they are street legal in London and the good folks at Ripley’s Times Square think that these cars should be legal in New York City. They feel that the Trident and others like it could “cure New York City’s parking, congestion and carbon woes overnight.”

Battery-Powered Car.

Battery-Powered Car.

“Why can’t we have, in 10 years, this pure mode of transportation?” asked Michael Hirsch general manager of Ripley’s as he stood in front of the museum answering the questions of an inquisitive crowd. The car itself runs on a battery that is about the size of a football. To charge the battery you simply plug it in and the charge will hold for about 6 to 8 hours on a continual run.

“It’s a novelty” said Esther Jang when asked whether she would ever drive a car like the Trident. “It’s not really built for the road” she said. Her concerns were validated when one of the Ripley’s employees had to pick up the car and turn it around when a reporter for Fox 5 was driving the Trident down a 42nd street sidewalk.

The people at Ripley’s feel that the car’s size is a benefit. Not only is it environmentally friendly but the Trident is also so small that more than 200 can fit on a single city block. “It can fit two people and a shopping bag” is the car’s sales pitch and at 20,000 Euros the Peel Trident may possibly be the car of our future.


Successful Fundraising At The WWP’S 2009 Courage Awards & Benefit Dinner.

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Welcome to the Benefit Dinner.

Welcome to the Benefit Dinner.

Wounded Warrior Project a non-profit organization hosted a dinner on May 14,2009 that took place in Cipriani, 42nd st, which brought together many of the brave soldiers who have served our nation.In which nearly 700 guests attended, including Bill O’Reilly, commissioner Ray Kelly , New York Giants Coach Tom Coughlin and Tony Sirico from the Sopranos. This event was a great way of showing appreciation to many of the soldiers that return from the battle front, severely wounded. The mission of the Wounded Warrior Project is to honor and empower wounded warriors.

The event gave initiative as the Marine Corps Color Guard marched and the air filled with recognition and admiration towards the wounded soldiers. achievement and .

Marine Corps Color Guard

Marine Corps Color Guard

A truly inspirational event initiated with host Bob Costas , Commissioner Ray Kelly who gave special thanks to the present soldiers, for battling for our freedom.

A little history of how this organization started, “Wounded Warrior Project began when several individuals took small, inspired actions to help others in need. One night while watching the evening news, a group of veterans and brothers were moved by the difficult stories of the first wounded service members returning home from Afghanistan and Iraq. They realized then and there that something needed to be done for these brave individuals beyond the brass bands and ticker tape parades.”

As Founder John Melia gave his inspiring story about the tragic event, in which the helicopter in Somalia crashed and exploded killing 4 marines and severely wounding 14 marines in the year 1992.This tragedy lead him to pledge that “the sacrifice of my fallen brothers would not be forgotten. We started WWP as a small gesture of appreciation but it blossomed into a movement.” Through this experience John Malia came to realize that the soldiers who risk their life deserve more than our gratittude but rather our support.
Despite our growth, we remain committed to the ideal on which WWP was founded- one service member helping another.

Some of the many contributors that made this event possible where JetBlue Airways, Pricewaterhouse Coopers,LLP, and New York Yankees. Auction whose purpose was to fund raised as much as possible to support the Wounded Warrior Project, a little something was given back to the many soldiers that risks their lives through struggle and these will be the moments that they will perish and remember.

Grammy-winning Country Star Charlie Daniels Guitar, starting bid $500.

Grammy-winning Country Star Charlie Daniels Guitar, starting bid $500.

Fundraising came out to be a success on this night with nearly half a million dollars contributed by the many sponsors and guests. The awards ceremony took place and these awards were given to individuals who well-deserved it such individuals include Johnny Damon who received The Talkhouse Award for Community Service,and The Award For Warrior Service which was awarded to John Melia, WWP Founder.

WWP’s Courage Awards & Benefit Dinner provides the opportunity to bring together and honor many of the brave wounded warriors who have sacrificed much in service to our nation. The funds raised support thousands of injured service men and women and their families from battlefield to bedside and beyond. Programs range from our signature backpack program, which provides comfort items to newly injured service members — to TRACK, the first education center in the nation designed specifically for wounded warriors. WWP’s benefits counseling, peer mentoring, and adaptive sports programs also aid in the challenging transition from a hospital bed to an independent, productive, and successful civilian life.

The resulting objective was to provide tangible support for the severely wounded and help them on the road to healing, both physically and mentally. What had been initially viewed as a small contribution has become WWP’s signature program: “WWP backpacks delivered bedside to wounded warriors.” Wounded Warrior Project consists of many other activities to help support the wounded soldiers include Soldier Ride,Warriors to Work,TRACK, Transition Training Acad.,Coping and Family Services,Alumni,WWDSP,Advocacy,Sacrifice Center, WWP Packs Operation Outreach.

Thanks to founder and sponsors who successfully contributed to this Gala Benefit Dinner, many soldiers would be supported. By contributing a little bit of one’s time can benefit a great cause. If you would like to contribute to this great organization feel free to visit their website which is

New School, New Rules!

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Bob Marley’s “Get Up, Stand Up” plays as an agitated crowd dissipates from in front of the main administration building of Parson’s The New School. The protest is over and the demands of the United Auto Workers are clear.
1. Rehire the 12 fine arts department faculty that were recently dismissed from the college by email.
2.Drop all charges against the students who had been arrested at the school’s last protest, which was held on April 10th

Students arrested at the New School on 5th. Ave. and East 14th. St. in Manhattan

Students arrested at the New School on 5th. Ave. and East 14th. St. in Manhattan

3. Establish a more transparent system of communication between the school’s faculty and its administration.

“There is a crisis at the school,” stated Greg Tewksbury,a part-time professor at the the college, referring to the uproar that has recently occurred with the school’s president Bob Kerrey which initiated in December when Kerrey received a vote of no confidence by his full time faculty.

“Being president wasn’t enough.He also wanted to be provost.” As president of the school Kerrey is being held responsible for the recent dismissals and lack of communication at the school. He’s been criticized for the way he handled the protest that occurred on April 10th in which 22 students were arrested after occupying a building on the campus under the command that Kerrey be fired.

After the many claims that police had used excessive force against protestors, Kerrey, an also ex senator was quoted as calling the students “terrorists”.

Students defend themselves after Kerrey's remark.

Students defend themselves after Kerrey's remark.

Many of the faculty members that were either fired, moved to another department or had their hours severely cut are tenured professors. According to an article in News From the UAW, the union for part time faculty at The New School and NYU, the dismissals are being masked “behind a smoke screen of ‘curricular change’ and other management priorites…” In a plan that Kerrey calls “Restructuring” the dismissals of these part time faculty memebers are necessary to accommodate the changes that have been made in the curriculum.

Aside from Kerrey the new chair of the Fine Arts department Coco Fusco is being seen as the initiator of this curriculum change. Fusco taught at Columbia University until last July when she moved to The New School. ArtNet News says the changes to “modernize the department” were made under Fusco. Incidentally Columbia University has also voiced it’s opinion against the actions of The New School. According to an email cited by the New York Times at Columbia the faculty called the actions “anti-artist, anti-arts education and frankly anti-culture.” Although New School representatives have told Art Net News that the dismissal emails “don’t preclude affected faculty from teaching in the future ‘as needed’ “ the affected faculty are still worried that they will be unemployed during this time of economic crisis.

While it is unclear whether or not another protest will take place, we are once again reminded that the people that are being thrown under the bus here are indeed artists. The website www. is a blog responding to an exhibition that Mr. Hegarty, a part-time professor at the college, was considering putting together. As a tongue in cheek response the exhibition would display work done by the fine arts department faculty allowing viewers to decide who should be fired.

Few pictures of the protest of the Fine Arts Department.

Sad Ending In Binghamton

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On a early morning at 10:30 am in Binghamton multiple shootings took place as well as hostages. One can look around us and just see all the fatalities that we are surrounded by and the sad thing about this whole situation is that humans kill other humans for no reason. Why is that ? By observing this tragic situation once more! The shooting took place in the American Civi Situation which is an Immigration Center. This tragic situation that took place should not be happening if gun control took place. I offer my prayers to the all the victims and families. For more information, take a look at the following article founded in website.

Forgot Your Tasks For Today And Can’t “Reqall?”…Not Anymore.

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Too much time in your hands? Can seem to know how to handle all your work..and most important of all your aapointments. This might be the thing of yesterday with the new system called “Reqall” which “is an effortless personal reminder system.” In short, some of the great features of this personal reminder system include:
1) Translates your spoken statements into text and arranges them into

2)What if you want them sent to your e-mail or as a text into your cellphone? This is possible with Reqall.

3)”If your reminder included a date or time, Reqall recognizes it as a calendar event. It can shoot a reminder to your cellphone 30 minutes in advance. ”

4)Or, at your option, it can add these appointments to your Google calendar, your calendar in Microsoft Outlook, or any calendar program that can subscribe to Web calendars (like Apple’s iCal or Now Up-to-Date).”

5)”But wait, there’s more. If your utterance contains the word “buy,” then Reqall adds the transcript to a master shopping list. ”

Sounds Like A Magnificent Way To Keep Track Of Your Daily Tasks!

Published by David Pogue in The New York Times

Another victim of her so-called ‘friend’

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Another victim of her so-called ‘friend’ is invited to a party where she is video taped snorting some cocaine and then sold to any eager press looking for stories that might involve important figure in the current world in the U.S. The intent: video tape Vice President Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley Biden and then get a couple of dollars from any press willing to pay for the evidence. But the amazing thing about this is that the Ny Daily News Newspaper did not collaborate in the act of absurdness , it did not pay the fellow in charge of the video which allegedly portrays Ashley at a house party snorting cocaine.Vice President Joe Biden must feel very amazed as to how people want to overcome the bad economy…I mean with our current economy it seems justifiable but come on it is not the greatest way to make money.This is a story to look at and then question one should ask is “Who are your real friends?”

Joe Biden, wife Jill and daughter Ashley.

Joe Biden, wife Jill and daughter Ashley.

Who was the first victim you might be asking? Let me refresh your memory …remember not too long ago the british newspaper’s headline “What a Dope!’ Michael Phelps was caught inhaling marihuana from a bong which was shown by a photograph which was taken without his consent and then the photographs were published in a britich newspaper.
Michael Phelps Inhaling Marihuana

Michael Phelps Inhaling Marihuana

This just go on to prove that your own friends should not be trusted and as in Michael Phelps case his career got turned upside down. More details about this incident which involved Vice President Biden’s daughter, Ashley can be found in the Ny Daily News Article.

One Of The Many Amazing Factories Around Queens!

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Walking by my neighborhood which happens to be Sunnyside, Queens I found this very interesting company named Amci which manufactures frames located on 33-02 48th Avenue, Long Island City. Got a tour of this very amazing,not easy job. While, I got this tour I thought to myself…how amazing it might be to own a place like this and I had the opportunity to interview one of the owners of this company “This company started of by being a gallery and then it transformed into what it is now a frame company,” owner of the company Luis Lorenzotti explained.He then compared this business expansion to a man who sells hotdogs in the streets and then transforming it into a larger business. Businesses like this frame company sustain themselves by people like Luis Lorenzotti who are intellectual thinkers and are always open to different ideas. By giving up his time to explain some of the company’s history and how it came about (which I greatly appreciate)!